What time of year is Gunung rinjani national park open?

April to December

When is the best time to climb Gunung Rinjani?

Rinjani is at its best closer to the middle of the trekking season,

May through to October is optimum.

What do I need to bring?

Extra snacks, camera, warm clothes, rain/wind proof jacket, sun

Screen/toiletries, head lamp/torch, passport, money, and maybe some

balm in case of sore muscles!

Do I need to bring money, and is there a bank in the village?

You will need enough money to pay for the balance of your trek if you

Pre-booked, or enough money to cover full cost of trek plus additional

expenses such as extra snacks, souvenirs and tips. The closest ATM and

Bank is in Aikmel, approximately 40 minutes’ drive from Sembalun.

Are guides and porters included in the price?

Guide and porters are included in the price of your trek, the number

Of guides and porters will vary with the number of trekkers and trek

Duration. You can hire additional porters to carry personal effects if

you require.

Do I have to know how to speak Indonesian?

All Muji Trekker guides speak the local language Sasak, plus Bahasa Indonesia

and English, we also have Dutch speaking guides available.

Do I have to carry camping equipment?

You will need to carry your personal pack containing your personal

effects, clothes, camera etc. You can hire additional porters to carry

personal effects if you require. Food, water and equipment are carried

by the porters included in the price of your trek.

I have extra luggage, is there somewhere it can be stored during the trek?

Extra luggage can be left with Muji Trekker where it will be stored safely free

of charge during your trek. Our staff will bring your luggage to you

at the conclusion of your trek if you are not returning to the

starting point.

How will I access safe drinking water during the trek?

Bottled water is provided for the duration of the trek. Spring water

is also available on Rinjani.

What kinds of food and drink are supplied?

Three meals per day, plus some snacks, coffee, tea and water. If there

is something you don’t like, or you have allergies, please let us know

in advance. You are welcome to purchase your own additional snacks

before the trek commences if you wish.

Can I go fishing and swimming in Segara Anak lake?

Yes you can! But please let your guide know if you want to swim, and

you will need to bring fishing rod etc if you wish to fish.

I don’t have hiking boots, can I climb in sandals or sneakers?

It is recommended that you wear closed hiking or trekking shoes or

boots while trekking, also it can be very cold! It is not appropriate

to climb to the summit in sandals. Hiking boots/shoes are available

for hire.

What if I get sick or injured during the trek?

The Muji Trekker first aid kit is equipped to deal with small cuts/abrasions

and common cold symptoms. Should you require medical attention or wish

to conclude your trek early, your guide will escort you back to the

village or the Rinjani Rescue team may be called to carry you out

depending on the severity of the illness/injury.

What if the trek is too difficult for me?

Our guides are happy for you to trek at your own pace, alterations can

be made to the trek duration or where you camp during the trek if need

Just let our friendly guides know how you’re going.

Where can I go to the toilet?

Muji Trekker staff will happily erect a toilet tent for you upon request.

Are there shower facilities anywhere on the trek?

No. However should you choose a trek that goes to the lake, you can

visit the hot springs where you can wash.

Should I tip my guide and porters?

Yes! It is very much appreciated if you tip your guide and porters, it

is not an easy job! All tips are gratefully received!

Do I need to book the trek/tour in advance?

It is highly recommended that you book your trek in advance. However,

treks can be arranged for ‘the next day’ if you have not prebooked.

How do I make a booking?

Contact Muji Trekker by email: phone: +62-8191-777-4082

or Contact Us..

Muji Trekker

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